May 11, 2015 4:13 pm

The Power of HD Constant Current Drivers

Get the Optimal Lumen Output of Your LED fixture

Precision Selection of 5mA increments from 100mA – 1050mA

Magnitude High Definition Constant Current drivers are the most advance LEDs drivers available today in the SSL market. This new HD line of drivers was developed in response to the growing need to tune the current running through LED strains. The HD Constant current drivers maintain superior thermal management, preventing LEDs to run at high temperatures resulting poor performance and rapid reduction of Lumens per Watt over time.
Magnitude High Definition Constant Current drivers allow product developers and engineers to adopt a driver with rated current that is best fit for the application. Instead of compromising the market “available” currents (350mA 700mA or 1050mA); engineers now can generate maximum light without overdriving the LEDs and produce more light within the fixture and heat dissipation rather than increasing the thermal running rate.


Designers attempting to create High Power LED systems are well served by understanding the thermal problems associated with LEDs. Smart thermal management will increase the operating temperature range and current monitoring will maintain the operational accuracy of your LED products.


Magnitudes new HD drivers power rating ranges from 6 Watts up to 26 Watts. The current can be set from 100mA up to 1050 mA in 5mA increments allowing the designer to pick a driver that will be suit the applications specification and design needs; maximizing the performance and light emission reaching overall higher efficiency. Running at cool temperatures allows increase of the working hours and elevates reliability.

driver temperature vs lumen

HD drivers are calibrated according to customers request and samples and will be delivered in two weeks-time.


Call your Sales rep today to further explore Magnitudes HD Constant Current Dimmable drivers.




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