0-10V Dimmable (Programmable)

AFLEX Linear 100W 50VDC / 2A : Constant Current Programmable LED Driver

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Product Overview

The AFlex Series of Constant Current Programmable LED Drivers offers high efficiency, smooth flicker-free dimming and Dim to off capability. Magnitude’s wireless programing technology (FlexTool) enables full flexibility for OEMs to easily configure the drivers output current, dimming curve, dim-to-off, NTC settings and more. Programming the driver doesn’t require any power and can be done in less then one second. The auxiliary output provides power source for sensors and/or cooling devices and eliminates the need for an additional power supply. The Drivers wide operating window, dimming performance and programming options gives luminaire manufacturers a high level of flexibility. As always, 5-year warranty is a standard on all of Magnitude lighting products.


  • Compliant with Title 24 Requirements (See Specs for More Information)
  • Wireless RFID Programming - No Power Required
  • 0-10V Dimmable - Dim Down to 0.1%
  • Dim To Off Capability
  • NTC - LED Temperature Sensor
  • Auxiliary Power Output
  • Wide Operating Window
  • CLO (Constant Lumen Output)
  • Up to 90% Efficiency
  • Universal Input Voltage
  • UL Listed 8750, Class 2, Class P

Driver Schematic

Driver Specifications

Input Voltage Range 120 - 277VAC / VDC ± 10%
Input Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Input current 1.2A@120VAC / 0.5A@277VAC
Inrush Current 38A Max
Efficiency > 90%
Power Factor 0.99@120VAC / 0.94@277VAC
Output Voltage Range 3 - 50VDC
Output Current Range 100 - 2000mA (1mA step programmable)
Output Current Tolerance ± 5%
Output Current Ripple ± 5% @ max load
Line Regulation ± 0.5%
Load Regulation ± 0.5%
Turn On Delay Time 0.4 sec @ max load
Sensor Power Supply (Auxiliary) 12 - 25V up to 160mA
Stand-By Power < 1W
Env. Protection Rating IP 21 - indoor use only
Surge Protection 2.5 KV
Operating Ambient temperature -40ºc - +60ºc
Operating temperature -40ºc - +75ºc
Storage temperature -40ºc - +85ºc
Expected life time 50K hours at 75ºc
EMI Compliance FCC 47CFR Part 15 Class B
Audible Noise < 24db Class A
Withstanding Voltage 2.5 KV
Dimming Control 0-10V
Dimming input Range -2V - +15V
Dimming Curves Linear / Logarithmic (Programmable)
Min. Dimming level Dim Down to 0.1%
Dim to Off Yes (Programmable)
Current Consumption 0.35mA / Source
PWM Dimming 2000Hz
NTC Value Manufaturer: Vishay 15 k ± 5% @25ºc Manufacturer P/N: NTCS0805E3153JMT
Output Level range 1mA step programmable (0 - 100%)
Over Current Protection Yes; current limit
Short Circuit Protection Yes; hiccup mode
Over Voltage Protection Yes; hiccup mode
Over Temperature Protection Yes; power derating
Mis-Wiring Protection Yes; auto shutdown
Length 12” Inch (304.8mm)
Width 1.2" Inch (30.5mm)
Height 1.00" Inch (25.4mm)
Housing material Aluminium
Housing Color Blue anodized
Junction Box No
Input Connectors type black & white/ Wago / 16-20AWG strip 3/8”
Output Connectors type red & blue / Wago / 16-20AWG strip 3/8”
Dimming Connectors type purple & gray / Wago / 16-20AWG strip 3/8”
Auxiliary Connectors type yellow & gray / Wago / 16-20AWG strip 3/8”
NTC Connectors type orange & orange / Wago / 16-20AWG strip 3/8”
Mounting Two hole flange mounting
Certificates/Approval signs UL 8750 class 2, class P