Phase Dimmable

CCT9W200 : 9W 200mA Constant Current Phase Cut Dimmable LED Driver

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Product Overview

Magnitude’s CCT9W200 dimmable Constant Current LED driver is class 2 rated and designed to operate with MLV, ELV and CL dimmer switches (forward phase / reverse phase / TRIAC). The driver’s low pro­file case allows OEM’s to easily incorporate it into Luminaires. As always, 5-year warranty is a standard on all of Magnitude’s products.

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  • Dimmable with MLV, ELV and CL dimmer switches (forward phase / reverse phase / TRIAC)
  • Dim down to 5%
  • Super compact case
  • Class 2
  • UL 8750
  • Complies with FCC Part 15B
  • Auto-Reset protection for short circuits, over-voltage and over-temperature

Driver Schematic

Driver Specifications

I/P Voltage Range 100 - 120VAC (Nominal)
Input Frequency 50 - 60Hz (Nominal)
Input Current 130mA @110VAC
Input Power 11.5W @110VAC
Output Voltage Range 33 - 40VDC
Output Current Range 190mA
Rated Output Power 6.6 - 8W
THD 20% @110VAC, Max Load
Efficiency 82% Full Load @110VAC (Nominal)
Standby Power 0.5W No Load @110VAC
Rise Time 500ms
Start-up Delay 500ms
Power Factor > 0.9 Full Load@110VAC
Over-Voltage Protection Yes (Auto Recovery)
Open-Circuit Protection Yes (Max Output Voltage @ No Load)
Short-circuit Protection Yes (Auto Recovery)
Surge Protection 1KV
Tcase Max +77°C
Ambient Operating Temperature -20°C - +60°C
Operating Humidity Range 10 - 90%
Storage Temperature Range -40°C - +85°C
Dimming Type Phase Cut (forward phase / reverse phase)
Dimming Range 5 - 100%
Lifetime 50K Hours @110V ,Tc = 80°C
Case Dimensions Inches (mm) Ø2.16 x 0.86” Inches (Ø55x22mm)