Magnitude Labs

Magnitude Lighting Converters operate an advanced testing labs for the LED industry

Magnitude Labs allows developers and OEMs to test their Light engines with our portfolio of LED drivers and dimmers. This reduces the engineering process and helps our LED OEMs achieve a short go-to-market strategy.

Engineers at Magnitude Labs will find the best fit LED driver for your Light engine by using advanced testing procedures. This ensures efficient operation when used in conjunction with most available dimmers that are currently in the market. The result is ideal operating conditions in terms of efficient operation, dimming and heat dissipation.

The ability to fine tune the output current of Magnitude’s HD (High Definition) constant current LED drivers, allows us to examine the LED light engine and the fixture bringing them to perform perfectly together.

The combination of our expert team of engineers, with our advanced Lab facilities put Magnitude in a unique position to assist OEMs worldwide in assessing, testing, and demonstrating their technologies related to LED Fixtures.

Magnitude Labs testing includes:

Dimming Conformity

Pop-on, Drop-out, Dead travel, Audible noise, Flickering

Environmental Testing

Stress, temperature and buming

Operation functionality

Spec sheets benchmark

Apply for Magnitude’s Lab testing: